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Why SOA?

SOA starts with a simple idea – the concept of service. This makes it possible to introduce other ideas, such as service bus, service composition, and service virtualization, each of which can be applied to the architecture of an enterprise to deliver benefits. An evaluation of the needs of your enterprise can determine which of these ideas should be applied, and how they should be applied, in your SOA. And balance that with the costs of the different potential solutions.

A good SOA architect will always probe into the information given, about both requirements and solutions, to reach a level of understanding that goes deeper than the buzzwords. For example, it is often said that “SOA delivers enterprise agility”. What does “agility” mean for your enterprise? Is it the ability to re-combine existing functions to meet changing customer requirements? Is it the ability to develop new functions rapidly? Is it the ability to scale operations to meet different levels of demand? Within the broad concept of SOA, there are three very different ideas that can help you meet these different agility requirements: service composition, model-driven development, and service virtualization. You can build all of these ideas into your SOA, but they each require different – and expensive – supporting infrastructure. You must choose your solution to fit the requirements.


Endeavor IT is fully equipped to advice clients on the best solution to fit their unique needs.

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